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Welcome to HV3Dworks!

From the national award winning classic car restoration company; Hahn-Vorbach & Associates Collector Car Restoration comes a brand new service to bring cutting edge additive manufacturing technology to the Collector Car industry. HV3Dworks LLC.         Our services include:

3D Scanning – Reverse Engineering – Custom Part Design – 3D Print Management

We can recreate rare and hard to find parts for YOUR restoration, Design unique or personalized components for YOUR custom build and Manage the production of those parts via either 3D Printing technologies or traditional manufacturing methods.

3D printed materials include:

METALS    –     COMPOSITES     –     PLASTICS  and more!

3D  Technology for CAR PEOPLE by CAR PEOPLE

We’re making “Un-Obtainium” Obsolete!


Everyone has been asking “what kind of car is that behind you guys?

The answer is – it’s a very rare 1939 Salmson s4-61. The car features a really cool dual overhead cam 4 cylinder engine and suicide doors. The car is here at our shop and is looking for a new owner. If restored to original condition, it would be a great show piece that would be welcomed at any Concours in the country (including Pebble Beach). It would also make a killer hot-rod project….perhaps a Riddler Contender. Send us an email or give us a call if you’re interested!