About Us

Founded in 2001 as Hahn & Woodward Auto Restoration and rechristened Hahn-Vorbach & Associates in 2014, our shop has been nationally recognized for turning out concours level restorations and custom builds. We have had the privilege of displaying our work at some of the finest concours shows in the country including Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, The Elegance at Hershey and many more.

As restorers and builders, we are well aware of the challenge of locating rare and expensive components for our cars. It was in pursuit of these treasures that we began to explore the opportunities presented by Additive Manufacturing (a.k.a. 3D Printing) which has lead us to form HV3Dworks LLC.

To position each company for growth, Bill Hahn and I have separated the two companies with Bill driving the restoration business while I focus on developing HV3DWorks.

It is my mission to bring 3D Printing technology to my fellow restorers, builders and car enthusiasts. 3D technology for CAR PEOPLE by CAR PEOPLE.

Paul Vorbach    –    President/CEO   – HV3Dworks LLC.